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Why Invest In Glozal?

Glozal Launches it's Continuous Agreement for Future Equity (CAFE) offering on September 2, 2021, letting individuals become an owner of GLOZAL, but how does CAFE work?

How do I invest in Glozal’s CAFE?

Simply visit By having the CAFE be a fully digital security, Glozal can issue them directly from this platform.

Contact us at if you have any questions.

What is the CAFE?

A CAFE (pronounced /ka.fe/) is a Continuous Agreement for Future Equity. It allows investors to make cash investments in a company at any single time, but get company stock at a later date, in connection with a specific event. A CAFE is not a debt instrument, but is intended to be an alternative to convertible notes and SAFEs that is beneficial for both companies and investors.

What problem does the CAFE solve?

The CAFE enables you to financially align your stakeholders to the success of your company. The digital economy has radically changed the nature of the relationship between customers and corporations. Individuals have switched from being passive consumers to being an essential force in creating value, either by their actual work (Airbnb, Uber, Apple's App Store, Amazon Marketplace...) or through their data (Facebook, Google...).

For that reason, financially aligning stakeholders to the success of the company is now the strongest competitive advantage that a company can build. Yet, there is no easy solution to do that today (see the letters sent by Airbnb and Uber to the SEC asking to let them give equity to their hosts and drivers respectively).

The CAFE has been created with the objective to turn equity into a company’s most powerful tool to engage with its community. On the one hand, the CAFE allows for high-resolution fundraising at scale, enabling anyone in the world who believes in a company (and who are not restricted by applicable laws) to invest in it, at any single time. On the other hand, the CAFE allows companies to better reward key stakeholders (users, customers, partners, drivers, hosts…) and incentivize them to their financial success.

More specifically, the CAFE addresses the expectations we gathered from hundreds of discussions with founders, investors and stakeholders:

・Founders want more long-term control of their company,

・Stakeholders want access to the financial upside of the companies they love and use,

・Investors want increased liquidity on their investments.

What are the key characteristics of the CAFE?

The CAFE has been designed to be an improvement over the SAFE. Like the SAFE, it allows for high-resolution financing but it has other key characteristics. Most notably, subject to applicable law (which may require the observation of holding periods or other securities law compliance requirements, depending on jurisdiction), it is designed to achieve three essential features:

Accessible to Qualifying Investors and Stakeholders - Anyone in the world who supports the company’s product or mission and qualifies to participate under applicable law is able to buy or earn CAFE, anytime, easily and online.

Digital - The CAFE makes companies’ equity programmable. Using the CAFE, founders can create automated and scalable stakeholder incentivization plans to let their key stakeholders earn CAFE according to the rules they set. Software is finally eating equity.

More Liquid - We created the CAFE as a standard digital security. As such, subject to applicable law, it has the potential to leverage decentralized AMMs as well as securities exchange platforms to enable easy trading of CAFE.

Why is the CAFE good for investors?

Liquidity. First and foremost, the CAFE gives investors a clearer path to liquidity. Unlike traditional equity which is notoriously illiquid, the CAFE being a standardized digital security, its liquidity can be more easily orchestrated in an efficient and compliant way by leveraging the decentralized finance infrastructure and AMMs in particular.

Access - The CAFE opens a new market for investors, especially angel investors, as they can now permissionlessly invest in growth oriented companies at stages that they could not have access to before, mainly Series A/B/C stages.

Upside - The CAFE offering being naturally anti-dilutive, CAFE holders are more likely to capture their fair upside than if they were holding other equity instruments.

How do I invest in Glozal’s CAFE?

Simply visit By having the CAFE be a fully digital security, Glozal can issue them directly from this platform.

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